The Mosser Modern Tabletop Terrrium

The Mosser, as it’s called by its creators Jennica Johnstone and Noah Atkinson is a mini ultra cool modern terrarium that you can place just about anywhere. They work as graphic designers in New York City and began making and giving these away as gifts. Soon they had so much demand that they decided to start selling them on Etsy.

mosser glass terrariumHoused by a sleek glass container is a simple yet attractive moss ball.

the mosser mini terrariumIt comes with its own handy matching glass bottle mister. They require very little care and only need to be sprayed with filtered water once every two weeks.

mosser terraium with spayer bottleThe Mosser is self-sustained and compact enough to fit on any desk or small area.

mosser modern tabletop terrarium

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2 Responses to The Mosser Modern Tabletop Terrrium

  1. What a lovely idea! Very decorative, easy to maintain and brings a bit of green on to a desk at work or home. Excellent!

  2. Garden Sheds says:

    This is indeed a very nice item but I keep on wondering why would I grow moss.

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