5 Eco-Friendly Seed Starting Pots

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Spring is in the air and now’s the time to start planting those seeds. Instead of using conventional pots why not make your own eco-friendly seed starting pots? They’re easy to make, won’t cost you a thing and best of all you’ll be helping out the environment.

Oh, and did I mention they’re adorable too?

No. 1 Toilet Paper Seed Starting Pots

I’m not sure what I like most about this project. The actual project itself or the amazing photos. They actually make toilet paper rolls look really good.

Katie and Reuben (their cat helped too) over at House of Humble recently made these super cute little toilet paper pots to plant their winter veggies (they live in Australia).

BTW, I’m thinking these would make great little gift boxes too.

Toilet-Roll planter

House of Humble

Individual seeds went into each seed pot and they were labeled with the name and date.

toilet paper seed starting pots

House of Humble

Looks like they’re going to have a ton of veggies this year…

Even if you don’t look at the tutorial, you should seriously still check out their blog.

No. 2 Lemon Halves As Seed Starters

Before throwing away those used lemon halves, think again. You can use them to start your seeds. These cute little compact lemon seed pots not only look great but are the perfect size for seedlings. When you’re done you can just toss them in the compost.

lemon seedling planter

Sustainable Sam

Here’s an idea: make yourself a tall glass of lemonade, relax in your garden and then plant some seeds.

And don’t forget, you can also use limes and oranges too.

No. 3 Self Watering Seed Starting Pots

Whenever I hear the words self watering, it’s music to my ears. These ingenious plastic bottle seed starters keep plastic bottles out of the landfill and can be used over and over again.

self watering seed planters


They also make a great science project for the kids. Check out their tutorial, Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots.

No. 4 Eggshell Seed Starters

Eggshells are great for your garden, you can: compost them, crush and sprinkle them around plants (for nutrition and to deter slugs) and use them to start seeds.

Heather made this an eggshell herb garden, but you could easily grow just about anything else here.

eggshell herb garden

Just Lovely Things

What I love about this idea is that you also put the egg carton to good use. Which makes it very convenient, you can easy move the seedling garden wherever you like all at once.

And of course, when the plants outgrow the little shells you can sprinkle them in the garden.

No. 5 Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

Last but not least are  these creative newspaper seedling starters. Who says seed starters have to ugly and plain? Nicole took some newspaper and plain burlap and made it oh so pretty with cute labels and a jute belt.

Check out the tutorial.

newspaper seedling starters

Thrifty Decorating

So which one are you going to make?

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