DIY Friday: Old Book Planter

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recycled book planter with birdsold recycled book planterrecycled book planterold book recycled planter

Finally, here is my second DIY recycled planter project…Old Book Planter

This one took me a little longer to complete because I had to go to the store to buy some supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • Two old hardcover books
  • 3″ drill bit
  • Plastic cup 3″ in diameter
  • Small plant with short roots (succulents are perfect for this)
  • Two ceramic or metal birds (optional)

What I learned:

  • This is not as easy as it looks
  • I should have bought the more expensive drill bit
  • It makes a mess, best to do it outdoors
  • They have some great books at the salvation army thrift store (must go back)

My husband had to help me with this one. It’s much easier if one person holds the book while the other one drills. Like they said over at cottage hill; you do have to take it slow. Ours didn’t come out as perfectly round and smooth as theirs, the (cheap) drill bit kept on getting snagged on the paper. But we smoothed out the rough edges with sandpaper as much as possible and I put in some moss to hide the mistakes.

With that said, It was well worth the trouble. I love how it came out and have already gotten some compliments.

Check out cottage hill’s Old Book Planter tutorial.


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